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But it also must be said that, in regard to mental fluidal powers, neither in para-psychological research nor in the area of the knowledge of natural science, is the fact of the existence of mental fluidal powers known.

Hawaiian 21:11, 14 December 2009 (UTC)True, I believe there are still matters concerning this subject that are still unknown, even to the Plejarens themselves. Why? One has to logically hypothesize that intelligences, in this particular case physical humans are the interface between the two energies of the universes, fine and coarse energies. (reference FIGU Special bulletin 038). I have personally see some of these event occur, one time a special tool I needed went missing from my tool bag before leaving work for home about 8 miles away. I emptied the entire tool bag, but it was not there, threw it in my car and left, arrived at home and that tool was back in the bag! Other such events have happened recently, so yes these things are possible.

These inter-connections can and have far-reaching influences, even affecting the non-physical realms, if allowed to manifest itself without some type of guidelines to prevent negative consequencies. The Bafath, even though inprisoned, have attempted to do such a event on BEAM.

Depending on one's re-carnation and physical attributes, these "powers" can be utilized to support or deny the Plejaren's mission, it is up to the Alliance to "build" further allies to ensure harmony is balanced in the universes, in conjunction with of course BEAM, since he is the manifestation of a pure Arahat Athersata spirit, now interfaced with not just another Earth physical human being (Billy Meier), but also that of the other ET's both benevolent and malevolent that spanned the entire episode since the Creator overlords insane creation of the manipulated human warriors.

The biggest problem I see with the approach of the Plejarens, is that they are too "reactive" and not "proactive", they are lucky so far, but that may not be the case next time around! We may not be so "inappropriate" after all and may be more of an "asset" than the Plejaren and their Alliance may think...if they only do the logical analysis and draw up a reasonable decision to also involve those that have "honorable" contributions in the past and present. Preditions and Prophetcies are just two about the other "options"...after all, I've been saying all along...creations is always evolving and is not "chisled in stone" in Creational Laws or it is no longer "creative" in nature.....Peace and Aloha