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  • Photo-Inventarium / Photo-Inventarium
    Photographs by Billy Eduard Albert Meier and a selection of his witnesses from 17th May 1964 to 5th February 2004. With an explanation as to why BEAM is the proclaimer of the modern times, contact person to the Plejaren Federation, why he was supposed to take the best photos of the out of this world beamships and the reason they come to Earth.
    Source Sample - File:Through Space And Time Sample.pdf
  • Photobuch / Photobook
    Linen cover with silver embossing, 4 coloured print, thread-bound, 122 pages, 95 photos (including 29 large format colour photos), size: 230mm x 297mm.
    Source Sample

In contrast to other UFO groups, which deal exclusively with the phenomenon of UFOs, for us the spiritual (geistige) and consciousness (bewusstseinsmässige) background occupies a much higher priority than all ufological concerns taken together.[1] Nevertheless, we cannot and don't want to renounce the topic of ufology, especially since we have the world's most extensive and best evidence that's ever existed. There is no UFO case on this Earth comparable to that of Billy Meier. The extraterrestrial human beings that Billy Meier has been selected and prepared to communicate with and be educated by, have encouraged and assisted him to take over a thousand photographs and film recordings of their many different types of spaceships, beamships, high-technologies and personnel, as well as various other interesting and supporting things. It’s a moderate, modest presentation considering what you’re looking at. [continue reading]

A crop from Billy Meiers photo used in promotion of the fantasy fiction television series X-Files, seasons 1-3. It's proven a more popular image-crop amongst those that want to believe than amongst those that want not know for some reason.

What I Have To Say
Although often referred to as fake, and if fake surely nothing more worth knowing about it, Billy Meier's photographs are used around the world in the press and on television as a means of illustrating reports of UFOs. It's significant that Meier's copyright is regularly disregarded and in all these years he's received only a few very small royalties and in about three cases.[2] The more famous photos in the collection were taken in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. One of which notably ended up being used for the original X-Files series 1-3 "I Want To Believe" TV poster in the 1990's, which demonstrates how fiction is a stronger popular interest than non-fiction and how believing is more interesting than knowing, therefore regrettably that truth isn't commercially viable and profitable.

The lesser known non-famous images by BEAM and by those other photographers at higher resolutions, span a greater time-frame. When the images from India are taken into consideration, from the 17th of May 1964 to the 5th of February 2004, and others even to the present day, when vessels from the wider Plejaren Federation are taken into consideration (however it all began much earlier in 1937). The collection includes other interesting things including; archaeological discoveries, drawings, event related happenings, natural and unnatural formations, experiments, geographical imagery, universal symbols and imagery related and in support of specific explanations in the Contact Reports.[citations needed] Its all already heavily steeped in heritage despite first being documented properly in just the second half of the 20th century. When we consider the tied-in events i.e. mission associated with ancient times,[citation needed] within at least what we from our perspective designate as ancient.[citation needed] The collection isn't particularly clear in terms of origination, context and/or descriptions with the images. There are several dubious images which have been woven in, some supportive, others not so much.[citations needed] Its generally accepted that the independent studying person will be on their own, to make up their own mind about which is which and what is what for themselves.

Billy was not the first nor last to photograph beamships but is the only in the world to have any quantity.[citation needed] Ufology is as big as it is today after just a few decades, not exclusively because of him, but because of a Plejaren Federation and Andromedan High Council decision for limited but open disclosure in the 20th century.[citation needed] We have been deemed mature enough for a small, lesser reveal, at this particular stage of our rapid history, because it’s always been as worldwide and openly-concealed as they've said it is,[citation needed] with at least 5 races in a large federation who have been known to quietly visit Earth for some time,[citation needed] and because their life expectancy is roughly 12x our life duration.[citation needed] They've therefore been able to oversee those rapid succession of developments and because Earth is known to have an ancient ancestral extraterrestrial heredity,[citation needed] and we're in the midst of another civilisation restart[citation needed] in the lofty scheme of time. I suppose you could say it's all been a big openly-concealed matter for a long time.[citation needed]

FIGU images put into a computer video game.

The gallery below contains selected images and represents a smaller quantity of the totality of all available imagery. It’s become collectable and a hobby to read and study by many.[citation needed] On the other hand Eduard's claims have been widely characterised globally as fraudulent by carping scientists, sceptics,[3] and most ufologists (the UFO Community ideologically opposes the Meier Case); who say that his photographs, films, evidences etc., are tricks and story is too fantastic.[citation needed] Some find this layering interesting in and of itself.[citation needed] The website does include some of those more sceptical analyses, it covers everything, however the FutureofMankind is mostly focused on the interesting published works, and presenting everything in a neutral way. Other websites are available if your looking for a morbid even macabre tone,[citation needed] you won’t find those kinds of tones and approaches here. The website is somewhat aligned[citation needed] to the FIGU itself (FutureofMankind is not an official FIGU website), which takes a no proselytising,[citation needed] calm, neutral approach to the sceptical. For most and normal readers it has all been presented by FIGU beautifully, and most don’t need or have not needed analysts to know. Frankly those who have found themselves reading the entirety of the works, have discovered that position of FIGU, of not proselytising; refreshing, honourable and on some level revealing, intriguing and enjoyable to continue reading. But no proselytising means you’ll have to decide for yourself what you think about it. Besides, most are capable of finding out by themselves, that it’s possible to have a difference of opinion.[citation needed]

The witnesses speak and think differently about it all than the television documentaries and silence from the authorities has lead that majority to perceiving it to be.[citation needed]

The story behind the photos is after all big.

The hand-drawings of the Plejaren personnel (assigned to Earth and the tasks) at the more so forefront of the exchange, are by several sketch artists who have logically-embellished a more simple original drawing by the Plejaren themselves which Billy has then passed along.[citation needed] The drawings may therefore differ slightly and as they're drawings are never going to be perfectly accurate like a photo. There is a slither of part of one of them with the hair and lazer showing.[citation needed] The reason photos don't show them has several reasons, among those reasons we are told is that by revealing their identity they would no longer be able to walk among us without being identified,[citation needed] and presumably facial recognition technologies may have even allowed authorities to track them,[citation needed] but the most important reason is 'the might of thoughts and feelings'; being as numb as we are and them being as sensitive as they are; or else they wouldn't be able to use telepathy;[citation needed] plastering their images all over the internet may have caused them various problems, being disturbed by all sorts of ignorant signals etc.[citation needed]

If your looking for how a Plejaren looks, look at yourself, in a mirror, or at an average European, African or Asian. That is another aspect covered in the Contact Reports, with the exception of the wider Plejaren Federation, where then there are several types of human that may look different even strange to us. It’s part of why it’s been an open-secret with open-evidence until the 20th century, because they’re waiting for us to realise what we are as independently as possible.

Some of the images are of, near, or taken at the 'Semjase Silver Star Centre', SSSC. They’re usually identifiable by the buildings, features and tree varieties etc.

Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching (Symbole der Geisteslehre), Books#Symbole_der_Geisteslehre.

Nearer the bottom of the collection we’ve included a few of the symbols of the spiritual teaching from the book ‘Symbole der Geisteslehre’. The book contains 601 out of the total of 52,476,812 (52 and a half million) spirit symbols, which Billy has retrieved from the Storage Banks, which required a lot of effort for him.[citation needed] The more complex symbols might have been too difficult to convey.[citation needed] They are used in Spirit-Telepathy (not regular Telepathy / primary-telepathy), a fact which is explained in ‘Geisteslehre No. 17’, p.179.

In the introduction section of the book ‘Symbole der Geisteslehre’, p. XVI, Bernadette Brand describes the value of the symbols as a self-education tool.

".....The symbols of the Spirit Teaching embody not only the concepts they represent, but they contain any of a whole universe of meanings. They generate in the person who deals with them, a new bond / attachment to the symbol and the idea for which it stands for. Occupying oneself meditatively on the symbols of the spiritual teaching in detail, from my own experience, causes an extremely valuable and helpful, self-knowledge, self-education and character development and personality development. The symbols accommodate not only nice and edifying or foreboding and awful ‘images’, but in themselves are very involved, and to deal with them radically and unreservedly, is informative and valuable....."

".....With the feelings and stirrings they evoke in us when we inspect, perceive and deal with them, can be bit by bit a help to us on our stony and laborious path of evolution. Our reactions to the symbols are not neutral, but in fact shaped by our thinking and our personality."

The ability to use Spirit-Telepathy is only available to those who have reached level 4[citation needed] and mastery of primary-telepathy may be a requirement which precedes this. Billy mentioned[citation needed] that only a small percentage of individuals in the Plejaren Federation have developed the ability to use primary-telepathy,[citation needed] and that as far as Earth humans are concerned, our life expectancy is just a little too shy of the amount of time necessary to learn it.[citation needed] Ptaah explained that one of their investigations[citation needed] indicated that Earth, on the whole knows some very basic, baby-shoes, consciousness-related-telepathy, but is some way off primary- and volitional telepathy.[citation needed]

The symbols represent a materialist / coarse material representation i.e. solid image in the visible light spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum, of what is essentially and inherently pure-material and fine-material indigenously.[citation needed] Which is probably an important fact to know.

So what is the Billy Meier story about? Well opinions vary and you can make your own mind up about it by starting at the Contact Reports page.

Some, asked to describe the story in one word as a good review, have called it a story of dependence.

Evolution by definition is dependant on the starting position. It’s about the Plejaren being at the very top of the ladder of technological dependence. About us approaching the first step of such a dependence, and how if they helped us we would become dependent on them instead of our own ladder; like how the former extraterrestrials who generally live on Earth made the neanderthals dependent in the early days, until the dependence flipped the other way, similar to the relationship between developing-world-aid contributions from the developed nations and mass migration. Dependence on their legal system to do any of what they’ve been granted to do. Dependence of the individual readers past lives and their storage banks as to whether the story will even be understood or picked up. Dependence on sensitivity and soundness of mind. The Prophets dependence on the education given to them, the readers dependency on being able to read and in the language it was written and on translating it. Dependence on religion. Dependence on the internet being developed at the time it was. The mission dependant upon voluntary contribution. Dependence on there being enough wealth generally; wealthy dependent on poor, poor on wealthy. Dependence on health. Dependence on the knowledge of the time. Dependence on the group members stepping up to the task. Dependence on the natural-laws, creative-natural-laws, on the pure-spirit-forms, on their ancestors knowledge of fine-material. Dependence on us sharing a very ancient ancestry with them. Switzerlands dependence on foreigners. Dependence on our genetics limiting time through life-expectancy allowing the schedule to be manageable by them, and since ancient times. Dependant on our ignorance, dependent on the ancient catastrophe which restarted civilization. Dependency on the codex. Dependent on our continued ability to learn, on making mistakes, on doing the wrong thing, and the right one. We’re dependent on each other, and they’re dependent on each other, separate humanities. It’s a story about many dependencies, depending on the readers perspective and the quantity of times they’ve read the archive.

Q: What does this story matter?

A: Well assuming you’ve now read the story in the Contact Reports, which takes some years to get ones head around on it’s own, and your now on that secondary level of what does it matter. Then your probably ready to tuck into the real good advice which is all about making life better and being more successful at whatever you decide to do. It takes going through the story (of Earth and of life) in a similar way that it takes a child to go through school, for individuals to identify it and for it to stand out to them and be clear.



  • FIGU Filmaufnahmen (UFO) Video Gallery (German) (External)
    Filmed in Switzerland by 'Billy' Eduard A. Meier with a Super8 camera, with the exception of the "Bachtel" footage, which was filmed with video camera. The full video sequences were incorporated into the films "Contact from the Pleiades", "Beamship: The Meier Chronicles" and "Beamship: The Movie Footage" and can be watched on youtube and other video sharing platforms.

Photo's FAQ [Show/Hide]

Q: Who took the photos?

A: Most were taken by Billy Eduard Albert Meier, however a fair few were taken by other photographers, see description, reference, source, attached links etc., for all similar questions e.g. who is in the photo, location, investigation, publication etc.

Q: What year were the photo's taken?

A: It varies by image, between the 1960's and 2000's, most of the famous photos were taken in the 1970's, for more info, it's a similar answer as above, most photos have a lengthy documented story attached to them, research it some more.

Q: Why are there tree's and objects in the foreground?

A: Billy was instructed to stand behind things to give the future investigators something to assess distances,[citation needed] with varying success.

Q: How many photos were taken?

A: Over 1500, however many were stolen, sabotaged at the local dark room where he had them developed or replaced to make him look a fool which he had to then withhold,[citation needed] but we have a sufficient quantity. Regarding the photo's by other photographers and images of symbols and drawings etc, there is many more of those and we don't host them all.

Q: When was the computer software photoshop invented?

A: Those types of photo editing technologies were developed some time in the mid to late 1980's. If the question is related to the authenticity of the photo, see the decades of all sorts of different investigations that have taken place in the various links in the sidebar on the left of the website and the external links page has many additional websites on top of that which have investigated various aspects of it all. This is a good investigation: Analysis by Rhal Zahi second edition (PDF)

Q: How did Billy take these with one and half arms?

A: It's more difficult but still possible.

Q: How big are these UFOs?

A: Most have about a 7 metre diameter at their widest, some are half that 3.5 and some are much larger than that, you will have to read the connected links and the Contact Reports is where the details of the photos are explained by Billy and Plejaren.

Q: Why am I attracted to and seduced by the trash-can water-butt lid?

A: It’s a lighter cognitive load and is gratifying.

Q: Why is it only Billy who has such a large collection of UFOs?

A: That is a long explanation, Why Billy Meier? begins to answer it.

Q: I never knew about these UFO's, I thought there were no UFO's

A: There has been decades of suppression for lots of reasons, they don't like what Billy Meier has said about them, he's embarrassed many groups who probably slowed your way here. Now you found the photos, read the information.

Q: What are the spirit symbols?

A: There is a description in the above sections extended reading area.

Q: Why have there been scientific investigations?

A: Because some folks want the truth, some don't allow anything to stand in their way and the extraterrestrials are demonstrating how clever they are while simultaneously how they know the Earth humans are not critical, objective, nor sharp and are fettered in their beliefs etc.

Q: I have taken my own UFO photograph and would like to share it?

A: Future of Mankind only hosts images which Billy Meier himself has seen, asked Plejaren about circumstances, had approved, commented on, included in a publication, the website hosts many such examples if you check. It is because we are honestly and sincerely not interested in the fraud of the ufology community.

Q: How does Billy Meier type on a keyboard like a champion?

A: He has written many Books. The typing speed doesn't necessarily amount to computer literacy, the photos were taken before the personal computer was available, or interest in computer communication, he doesn't email.

Q: Why doesn’t Billy Meier feature in UFO documentaries?

A: It's too much reality than they're prepared to take on, a commercial risk, because it's connected to 6000 pages.

Q: Why are these photos not on television?

A: They have been on television at times, usually with no associated to FIGU and Billy Meier, and the copyright ignored, which has meant the audience hasn't known where to find the information connected to it.

We can't endorse the big UFO fraud documentaries because for every hoax Meier film made, we civilians are harmed indirectly. Billy has published military grade classified information inside, check, and subsequently for every hoax documentary produced, governments around the world realise they can get away with more, because it demonstrates our collective lack of objectivity.

We think it's a shame a bigger television organisation has as yet been unable to pick it up impartially, and reason with it successfully, because there is information and unknown facts inside which would be beneficial, highly valueful and useful to many persons in their lives. But we concede the intellectual challenge has always been way too far reaching for the team at an entertainments organisation to take on. It is a presentation challenge for a film maker like no other.

We can however tell you after all these years of researching it all, that gradually over the decades it has piece by piece been ripped off (except telepathy). So the general public will eventually gain access to all those facts whether it takes longer (too long), only partially formed, or the author is credited or not, either way.

This is also probably why the Books are satisfying to read because it's then the full story.

Q: What is their position on intellectual property and its principles?

A: The photos are under copyright. The FIGU owns most of the images and is in a country which abides by intellectual property principles. If you are also in a country which acknowledges such concepts, rights and principles, then the correct thing to do (as you well know) is to send a copyright royalty to them if the photo is used in a commercial situation. That is the right way because it acknowledges the ownership, value of the work and person, their efforts, and is dignified, honourable, respectful of others, as well as many other good principled things which have allowed our nations to proceed in the format of a healthy independent negotiation. We could gather together several dozen examples of the photos being shown on television all over the world. He has only ever received very small royalties and in only three cases.[4]

Q: Why have you put the rubbishy discrediting photos at the front of the collection and the high resolution images are buried in some obscure page somewhere?

A: They are all presented either here or somewhere nearby. The Future Of Mankind website is for individuals who are engaging a long term, interested study. With the photos, it will take some years for the Consciousness and Ratio to adjust, to be able to look clearly at what you're looking at. Therefore the order and sequencing of the photos isn’t important here. But if you're creating a presentation for the ephemeral, shallow interested, for persons with transitory concentration, then you may wish to select one of the more pertinent attention captivating photos for it. There has in the past been rhetoric used and they've been known to be beat around the bush (occasionally literally where the President Bush family were described long before), but on the whole the point is that it has not been an endeavour to try to convince the reader and audience, because that is the wrong way. The right way is that you research it all and make your own mind up.


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Further Reading

In order to be able to understand why the images of Beamships of Plejaran origin identified in the photobook could be made by 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier - called BEAM, it is necessary to briefly describe the circumstances of the coming about of the photos. But it is also essential to say something about the person BEAM as a human being and as a herald of the modern time and as a contact person to understand why he was commissioned as the only one to take the best ever pictures of extraterrestrial beamships, which are controlled by the human beings of the Plejaren Federation who visit earth.

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