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Hawaiian 21:12, 19 September 2009 (UTC)Quetzal's experiment programming one android with similar parameters encountered by Billy and another android programmed with illogical, ego and other functions of his group proved quite convincing for the reasons why BEAM experienced an almost fatal breakdown, when "his" android's brain blew up trying to reason with the other dis functional android, who later blew up the outmoded beamship on the planet Pluto.

It was through this experiment that the Plejarens came to realize how unreasonable they were towards BEAM's most difficuilt task of not just fulfilling his mission, but trying to bring harmony amongst his inner circle of members who each have their own set of "agendas" to further complicate Billy's psyche.

It would be very interesting if Quetzal would do another experiment, this time programming the android to adhere to power lustful individuals who are responsible for both pass and current oppression, then "inputting" the negative parameters they impose on others, to see if logical reasoning is achieved when the "spirit" experiences both the negative and positive inputs? After all, people in power rarely if ever, experiences the hardships of those they oppress and what a better way to acknowledge if such "impulses" will also work on intelligent entities as well?

Here's an example of the "cause and effect" dilemna that one has to ponder, since oppression is a violation of Creational laws, and in cases like these....may be "optional" under the guidelines or interest of maintaining harmony amongst the positive and negative factors? Just a thought...Salome

Alive said ...

The experiment with the androids let the Pleiarens know that they had been asking mister Billy to do something that they themselves can not do, and that mister Billy has somekind of defence mechanism that prevents his selfdestruction. It would not be a big mistake to say that what the Pleiarens learned from the experiment is the turning point of Pleiarens's policy on mister Billy as the mission leader.

---- M -- 20:11, 6 August 2012 (BST)