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Psyche: The psyche is the half-material block and factor in the material body of a lifeform, in this case the human. Which orders and administers the material consciousness related feelings and the material consciousness related thoughts, in a negative or positive succession from which a negative or positive imbalance or a neutral positive balance results, whereby the human is either negative or positive unbalanced or neutral positive balanced.

Being positive or negative unbalanced means for the Psyche that it is degenerated in one way or the other and the neutral-positive balance means that the psyche is in an equilibrium which is equal in values consistent of being negative and positive, whereby no degeneration into negativity or positivity appears, but an equability and a balance is the end result.[1]

An entire book about the Psyche is available. Samples of which can be found translated and available in English in the Books section, The Psyche (book).

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